Saturday, February 24, 2018


The Latest EDM Music, Remixes, And Free Downloads

The Chainsmokers – “Kanye” feat. Siren + Free Download

Alex and Drew you probably know them better as The Chainsmokers  just recently release a jam titled ‘Kanye’ and believe it or not it is all about Mr West himself. Following their massive hit ‘Selfie’ the guys created a song built around Siren’s great vocals. Ever wonder how to become more like Kanye and be the king of yourself? The song talks about.. you guessed it… how to be like Kanye. Great hit or huge flop? You be the judge of that, but if you like it you can purchase it on iTunes here. While you’re at it you can check Chain Smokers set from Ultra Music festival and download it below.



The Chainsmokers - "Kanye" feat. Siren + Free Download
Check out The Chainsmokers on Youtube

Funk House Remix of Kyogi – Not Good Enough by Jean Tonique

Funky House Remix of Kyogi -
Funky House Remix of Kyogi - "Not Good Enough" by Jean Tonique

Jean Tonique absolutely crushed this funk house remix of Kyogi.  There is nothing better than hearing some amazing vocals accompanied by a groovy electronic funk base. If you’re looking for a summer house song to just jazz to while driving around with the top down, than this is it! Jean Tonique brings those rhodes piano chords and back synths to really bring out the placement of the vocals.
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Every element about this song seems to coexist with each other.  I’m sorry to Kyogi ahead of time for not writing this piece about you, but hands down to Jean Tonique for putting together a solid house remix.  Tonique’s style makes us reminisce of a time where house music was not all about fist pumps and molly pops. Where it was more about enjoying the music and not who was the the best DJ. Well enough of the BS a lot of you call “music.”  Look below and grab your free download of Jean Tonique’s remix of “I’m Sorry Ms. Jackson” by Outkast.
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OutKast Ms. Jackson Jean Tonique Remix
OutKast Ms. Jackson (Jean Tonique Remix) [Free Download Below]

Zhu – Cocaine Model (Bender Remix) + Free Download

We’ve all heard Zhu “Cocaine Model” and if you haven’t I’ve included it in a playlist for you to stream. That’s not exactly why we’re here are we :). Bender took it upon himself to do a free remix in his own unique deep house technique. We can definitely appreciate this remix variation of an already amazing song. Now you get more of an up vibe Miami Vice City club house track!  Grab your free download below!

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Zhu - Cocaine Model Bender Remix Free Download
Zhu – Cocaine Model Bender Remix

Elephante Free Download of “Gold Skies” + More!

Elephante Free Download of "Gold Skies" + More!

Looking for the Elephante Free Download remix of Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix, & DVBBS for their new track Gold Skies? Yes! Well you’ve come to the right place (Please and thank you may I have another sir?). It’s coming from one of our favorite progressive house artists of the year. If you don’t know who Elephante is than you must be living under Rock (No Pun intended).

He’s been releasing a barrage of remixes over the last month including Oliver Heldens, Calvin Harris, and more!  Download them Below!

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Also, be sure to look out for his upcoming tour! This is so Exciting 🙂


Calvin Harris - Summer (Elephante Remix) [Free Download]

Sevenola – ‘I Vs. Me’ (Original Mix)[Free Download]

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If you are not a big dubstep act but find yourself liking the softer side of the music than this is track is for you.  Sevenola mixes in some contemporary parts with some robotic sounds that gets you thinking.. Can Robots have sex? And if they can would it sound like this (Listen and watch the robot below, almost like he’s dancing to the music)? Maybe throw in a 8 piece orchestra and BAM! You got “I vs. Me” from Sevelona’s upcoming album. Check out the works in progress of the album below.
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