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813 – Crying Flute (Full Release)

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I know what you may be thinking…some artist with a name that sounds like one of those cheesy boy bands from the early start of the millennium. Then to make it even worse, they name their song “Crying Flute” giving you the impression that it is a tribute song dedicated to an Indian kid that had his/her life taken away too soon. Okay… alright, that is not even close to what you really may be thinking, but these were the first things that came to my mind when I saw this artist on Soundcloud! Alexander Goryachev, better known as 813 actually happens to be a multi-genre producer from the capital of Russia. He has recently been honored to guest mix with Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio.

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Then he decided to captivate his fans with this unique full length release. The new record revolves around the effective use of a flute blowing out peaceful middle-eastern inspired melodies, laced together by fast-paced trap high hats, and dreamy synth chords to top it off with a R&B finish. It even infuses a J. Cole sample for crying out loud! (no pun intended) And if you were wondering what “Crying Flute” sounded like with a rapper on board, well check out Naut’s mash-up of Big Sean and 813 below.

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813 has become known for this innovative formula; picking a vast range of different genres and masterfully integrating each of them in to unison with one another. We look forward to seeing what boundaries the Muscovite is willing to push further in the near future!

Purchase “Crying Flute” Here

Pharrell Williams – Happy (GHOSTS Remix)[Free Download]

GHOSTS, a new Austrian trio, made their debut by remixing Pharrell… and his hat. Their remix of Pharrell’s “Happy” is a housey rendition of the buoyant and chanty original. Featured in the animated family film, Despicable Me 2, Pharrell’s “Happy” is a mindless frolic through the land of chipper effervescence. Even if you can’t stand its cheerful repetition, you end up tapping your feet. Admit it. Well, if you don’t, you’ll be Happy (See what I did there?) to hear that GHOSTS have managed to add some balls to the track and some testosterone to Pharrell’s voice.

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The sick bassline applies a thin layer of dark mystery over the original’s colorful wonderland. GHOSTS did not tamper with the euphoric aspect of the original, they only made it stronger, and more forceful. Many others have attempted to remix Pharrell’s “Happy” only to end up changing the entire feel of the song. Surprisingly, GHOSTS have managed to not only stay true to the original but actually improve it.

The remix of “Happy” is the first upload on GHOSTS’ SoundCloud. With only 95 followers, we’re excited to see where the trio ends up. Their debut was a promising one and we hope they’ll be able to top it in the future.

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Written By: @brainwubs

Galantis – The Heart That I’m Hearing & More!

We’ve been following Galantis from the very first track they dropped “Smile” and we just can’t get enough.  Hmmm I wonder why every song Galantis is turning over happens to be a massive hit. Maybe it’s because the Swedish duo is comprised of Christian Karlsson from Miike Snow and  Linus Eklow from Style of Eye.  THAT JUST MIGHT BE IT!  Still, every song they’ve been dropping is unique in their own way, robotic, and almost unnatural. From “You” to “Help” the duo has shown their ability to stretch across different boundaries of music and vocal ability/reach.

The group takes on a semi-progressive house, melodic breakdown style and seems to shift the drops and build ups in different directions.  “Help” is a perfect example of diversity in music, almost bringing an 80’s infusion in the drop as well as the vocal synthesis.  “You” gives you a wild build up right up to the drop which hits into more of a festival progressive house track, then midway through the track you get a shift of break beat drums to spice up the song.  And how about vocals…?  “They have the voice of an angel. They’re voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.”  (STEP BROTHERS!)

It is safe to say that this group is heading for the lime-light and there’s no slowing them down.  Very interested in seeing who will be on the remixes for “The Galantis EP” which will be available April 1st!  We can definitely hear some Calvin Harris, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell remixes for these guys.  Also, be sure to check out their tour dates by clicking on the image below.

Galantis Tour Dates
Galantis Tour Dates

Skrillex – Recess (Full Album Stream)

According to Skrillex, “All Is Fair In Love And Brostep”. The title of the opening track to his surprise album, Recess, also seems to be the motto throughout the entire album. As Eric Cartman would say, “WHATEVA! I DO WHAT I WANT!”

Skrills tweeted on March 10th announcing the free stream of the album on his Alien Ride app in support for his upcoming Mothership tour 2014. That was only the first surprise. The no-holds-barred album features a long list of cameos, collabs, and not so subtle sways in genre that display Skrillex’s diversity and fearless mastering of his craft.  Recess opens hard with the first of two appearances by jungle veterans Ragga Twins. The onslaught of audible madness continues through tracks that include Kill The Noise, Fatman Scoop, Michael Angelakos, Killagraham from Milo & Otis, Sam Dew, and Alvin Risk.

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Midway through the album, “Coast Is Clear” veers left with Chance the Rapper and The Social Experiment. Lyrics include a nod to Biggie over some rattling DnB. Reminiscent of something you’d hear from Andre 3000’s solo debut or mid-90s LTJ Bukem, “Coast Is Clear” adds a welcomed lull while at the same time seamlessly flowing with the cadence of the album.  “Dirty Vibe” picks up the pace with Diplo, G-Dragon and CL only to be followed up with a final appearance by Ragga Twins.

Skrills brings his brilliant eccentricities to a head with “Doompy Poomp”, which has to be most WTF track of the album. It was definitely a drugless acid trip through a grainy black and white cartoon. I’m sure of it. My cheeks hurt from grinning so wide the entire time. It literally turned me into a character from Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” video. Pure genius, in my honest opinion.  Moving along, “Fuck That” reprises the funk with housey drums before the album closes out with tracks featuring Niki and the Dove, and Kid Harpoon.  Overall, Recess is one hell of a trip and Skrillex further hones his craft by continuing to push the boundaries of EDM.  We’re definitely excited to get a taste of the album live and hear what other goodies Sonny has lined up for his Mothership Tour.

Skrillex Mothership Tour 2014
Skrillex Mothership Tour 2014

Written By: @brainwubs

Feed Me – Calamari Tuesday (Album)

Feed Me has always been one to impress and break production boundaries. Listen to how epic his new songs sound and how well thought out and produced they are.  If you want an electronic album this is hands down one of the most interesting and cultivated electronic albums out.  Very impressive job mixing some rockish electronic drops, indie feel, and dubstep feeling sounds all around some live instruments. Be sure to go pick up his new album “Calamari Tuesday” Out Now.  He was also very gracious enough to host the entire album on his soundcloud which we have right here!

Purchase on iTunes: smarturl.it/CalamariTuesday