Fête x Dope Mag ‘1k Compilation’

Fête x Dope Mag ‘1k Compilation’

Dope Mag

Soundcloud is populated with collectives these days as you can find one for just about every sub-genre of electronic music out there. Using secrecy and mysterious names, these collectives seem to be everywhere on the platform.

While the idea isn’t unique itself, it does beg the question as to why anyone would want to start one now. It takes a lot for a collective to differentiate itself from the masses on soundcloud, and Fête has swiftly created a platform that is both distinctive and aesthetically pleasing in just two short months.

Fête is a collective out of Washington D.C. that has a seemingly endless number of producers and artists involved.  Instead of just making another generic EP that features one or two genres, and a very consistent musical direction, Fête pulled some aberrant shit and made their first compilation a palette of different sounds– with tracks ranging from Future-Bass to R&B. They have created and curated a unique collection of songs that exemplifies the creative diversity within their collective. We hope you enjoy.

Fête x Dope Mag: 1k Compilation (Click for Free Download)

Some quotes from Fete producers:

HVDSON BAY: What’s your favorite part about being involved with an online collective?

“I like being in a collective because it’s so chilled and relaxed in terms of releasing music as well as making new producer friends. With labels you have to go through the hassle of signing contracts and jumping through hoops – just all the administrative stuff. But with fete it’s all “yo fam I wanna do a release with you guys” and their response is like “bruh this is fire *fire emoji* for sure!” 

Kev: Why get involved with fete?

“There are a ton of collectives but I decided to give this one a shot because any collective with a simple, attractive logo must have their shit together, right? When I got deeper into it, I saw the potential, (which there is a lot of), and I said ‘you know. this may be good.”

Pearl: “What has influenced or shaped your production style/music that you put out?”

“My influences—not just stylistically but on vibe/tone/feeling—are just as scattered but the sounds of guys like the Soulection team—who helped pioneer that now ubiquitous electronic/hip-hop crossover sound—are probably the most obvious here, though.”   “Rob and Abhi are ur bois and I c them.”

Fete Collective1

Y4NN: “What’s your favorite part about being involved with an online collective?”

The experience, the colors and the vibes. The attitude of each member is very encouraging in terms of each artist’s success and each artist serves a very important role as a motivational agent. Every now and then I see posts with positive messages. Also, being a part of, more than a roster, a family, filled with an exceptional mindset, works me up. Likewise, the founders are equally motivational and approachable for the artists.

DMND: Why get involved with fete?

I got involved because I like how everybody in fete is as motivated for success as much as I am. All the artists in fete work hard and make great music so it’s really awesome to be apart of this collective. Everybody in the collective helps each other out by pushing each other’s music out there for more people to hear it and we give each other feedback which is always reassuring.

K+g+ruki: Why get involved with fete?

Fête is love, Fête is life.

YUGI BOI: Why get involved with fete?

My good friend kev. who is on the team asked me if I wanted to join and I wanted to give collectives another chance so I was lucky enough to be put on the collective of artists that deserve a lot of recognition for their work. I love the natural sense of family and community, nothing seems forced. Everyone is managed properly and represented well among the collective as an entity.

Make sure to check out the entire compilation from Fête x Dope Mag and grab your free download here.