Halpe – Emerald (Kuiters Edition)

Halpe – Emerald (Kuiters Edition)


Music has always been about collaboration; nothing has ever been recorded by just one person. Nowadays fellow artists are welcomed to tweak each other’s tracks and create a whole other sound. One example is Halpe’s original track, ‘Emerald’ which has been altered several times but one that stands out above the rest is Kuiter’s remix.

Adding a richer bassline and striking keyboard chords, Kuiter has made Emerald his own. With some high pitched piano keys emulating water drops the track bursts into life. Sharp synths compliment the deep tones of the bass with jittery keyboard resembling something similar to retro Sonic the Hedgehog game. The track flows beautifully from a calming, synth-driven melody to the explosive, energetic drop. Be sure to check out the track above and grab the free download here.

Also, if you get a chance make sure to check out Halpe’s new track “Rice Rain Remix” below. Incredible producer out of Argentina with a unique style in producing glitch hop/future bass tracks.