Lido Performes ‘I Love You’ with KORK Orchestra

Lido Performes ‘I Love You’ with KORK Orchestra


I haven’t had a feeling of excitement for a electronic producer since Cashmere Cat emerged from the scene about 2 years ago. Something about Lido’s ability to infuse synths, percussion sounds, and quick attack stabs just has me on the edge of my seat.

About a year ago Lido took the scene with his hit single “I Love You” which took listeners by storm. It seemed like he was an overnight success and his name was slowly coming out of the wood work. He dropped tracks like “Money“, “Ant No Sunshine Remix”, and a collaboration remix with Cosmo’s Midnight. His style follows very much that of his close friend Cashmere Cat, featuring that new wave electronic sound/Baltimore club infusion.

Since his rise to becoming an eclectic producer he’s since taken on a role of working with Chance The Rapper in his group with The Social Experiment.  He’s been featured on BBC Radio 1 Xtra with Diplo & Friends and most recently had taken upon himself to work with the KORK Orchestra out of his hometown of Norway.  Lido is very well coming out to be one of my favorite producers of the year, with his versatility in style, production, and overall mix quality. His collaboration with KORK Orchestra below immediately triggered a quick remembrance of when Miri Ben-Ari & Kanye West collaborated on “Fly Away.”  That was just me, but I think for the most part I was just really excited to see the original song “I Love You” perfectly progress into a live performance.

Lido – I Love You with KORK Orchestra

You would think a modern day electronic song would genuinely sound bad, or there would be a lack of substance to help drive interest in a classical infusion.  However, there is a level of balance between Lido’s original production that seems to mesh really well with the live elements of the KORK ensemble.  Not to mention with the shelf life of music these days being so quick, it’s easy to want to continually pass onto something better, newer, or relevant. This track is almost a year old and although that seems like nothing, in the music industry it’s like hearing war stories from your grandpa (at least to some it is). In a world of electronic music that’s pumping out 1000’s of tracks a day, this collaboration with KORK is helping to separate Lido from an endless river of musical nonsense. This isn’t the first time he’s worked with KORK Orchestra either. Below is the Lido remix of Banks “Drowning”, which was also transformed into a live performance done by the same ensemble.

My love for the original Lido production has resurfaced after months of being away from his style/sound.  The blend of his music style and production with live elements is etching his songs into a more physical form (not just 2 CDJ’s and a mixer). Anyways, that’s just my opinion and you’re free to make your own after listening to his music. Overall, amazing tracks and I look forward to hearing more from him. Plus, how can you not just love that “4 note” signature touch he puts in throughout his songs.