Nyne – I Cant Sleep Alone (CiDi Remix)

Nyne – I Cant Sleep Alone (CiDi Remix)


I’m going to bet 99% of you have never heard of CiDi, and to be honest I was one of those 99%.  That’s up until I was hit with an email earlier last week. I had his newest remix come through my email box and was astonished with his level of production.

The young Fresno, California producer is making strides to get noticed and it’s definitely working. From original to remixes, CiDi is one musician you’ll have to keep your eye on in 2016. We were lucky enough to be granted permission to host his newest remix of Nyne, a 23 year old powerhouse singer/songwriter based out of Melbourne, Australia.

Nyne – I Cant Sleep Alone (CiDi Remix) Click For Free Download

There’s no doubt the combination of the two young artists was meant to be. CiDi, who has been producing since he was 16, has focused the last 3 years on perfecting his craft. And Nyne, well she’s been featured on top music sites like HillyDilly.com, IndieUk.com, & Triple J radio. To quote others she is, “a wonderfully hazy work of darker pop ” and, “a combination of chilling soundscapes and heavily filtered drums resulting in a sound that lingers.” We’d have to agree, her voice seems to layer perfectly on CiDi’s synths, drum work, and superior mixing ability.Nyne

CiDi and Nyne happened to meet up by coincidence, when Nyne came across one of CiDi’s remixes “Somebody Else” by August Rigo. Hopefully we’ll see the two combine on an original real soon, but
for now this remix edition is close enough. Be sure to check out and download their newest piece together, “I Cant Sleep Alone” beautifully remixed and put together by C i D i. #TheTruth