Robokid’s Starry-Eyed Single “23” Takes Over Coachella

Robokid’s Starry-Eyed Single “23” Takes Over Coachella


Boston-bred Ethan Budnick – aka Robokid – has had his hand in a number of collectives through the years such as Peachboiz, Lifted Contingencies, and the more current Moving Castle Collective. However, it wasn’t until recently that his name circulated into the spotlight after his formally unreleased track “23” was selected as the official featured song between all sets during the Coachella live stream.

The 23-year-old producer has experienced a fair amount of musical prowess in the past couple of years, and was the first person to initiate the creation of Moving Castle after listening to AObeats’ music. Back in 2013, Budnick was eager to sign the up-and-coming producer to a label, but after he was unable to find one, they created Moving Castle as the next best option. Now, Robokid (along with labelmates Hunt for the Breeze, AObeats and Manila Killa) uses the collective’s unique formation as a special platform to discover and release new music that is both intricate in sound design and culturally aware. Each member of Moving Castle brings something special to the table, while at the same time standing with the similar desire to find and curate today’s best forward-thinking, boundary-pushing music.

As for Robokid, his talents in music production have continued to improve and grow into something truly unique. His signature style is a mix of futuristic pop-synth work and old school, Gameboy-like sound designs that he’s been developing ever since his “Hyper Beam” single was featured on the Moving Castle Vol. 001 compilation in 2014.

Now, with a large curation of remixes and singles out on various distinguished labels, Robokid’s latest offering “23” is one of the most admired Moving Castle releases to date. The track is a nostalgic journey of slow-rolling synth builds and resonating sonics, building up to a boundless wave of sentimental sensations.

Take a listen to the full track here: