yaeji ✖ n t o ~ Softly Granted + Free Download

yaeji ✖ n t o ~ Softly Granted + Free Download

yaeji ✖ n t o

This week we’re traveling the globe and experimenting with none other than singer, songwriter, and producer yaeji.  Her new song  Softly Granted is fresh on the scene with backing production from n t o ~.   New York born and Seoul, South Korean raised, yaeji’s cultural roots can be heard through her movements of sound and voice. To sum up their song in the best way possible, “Softly Granted” is an acid trippy, in-depth journey/escape through your mind (and ears). Not in any way a bad trip, but one that takes a fully artistic approach to music. To be honest, yaeji & n t o’s style is what music is all about. Experimenting and constantly pushing the boundaries of normality and song structure.

╰╮ s o f t l y ⟡ g r a n t e d ╭╯⟐ [ yaeji ✖ n t o ~ ] ⟐ [Click here for Free Download]

Lets not forget the surrounding production behind yaeji’s soft and lustrous vocals. n t o ~ is coming straight out of Sydney, Australia and is leaving no rock unturned. N t o ~ psychedelic production style seems to mesh perfectly with yaeji’s gentle vocals. Not to mention the soft synths and stabs that n t o ~ sequences throughout the entire track. Experimental is an understatement to describe these two artists, and I call them artists because that is what they are. Their form of music is an art and not the same cookie cutter music you hear everywhere else. Be sure to download “Softly Granted” above and check out some more music from n t o ~ below.