Yeethoven: Kanye West & Beethoven

Yeethoven: Kanye West & Beethoven

Kanye West & Beethoven

Kanye has always had a love for orchestral music, just look at his discography and you won’t find one album that doesn’t have some sort of collaboration with a violin or cello.  I’m sure everyone remembers his collaboration with Twista in “Overnight Celebrity” that featured world renown violinist Miri Ben-Ari.

This time however Kanye was not directly involved as the Young Musicians Foundation took over the Aratani Theatre in LA to mash up the music of two geniuses, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Kanye West.  Yeethoven began with an extended build up to a powerful rendition of ‘New Slaves’ followed by ‘Blood On The Leaves’ which already featured some brash horns to being with.

It’s tracks like this which already contain some brass instruments that can benefit from being played by a live orchestra but others such as ‘Hold My Liquor’ just become a blurred mess.

It’s very hit and miss, especially around the half way mark when the mash-up beings between Beethoven and Kanye but the idea itself and the dialogue between each track made the whole concert an interesting listen.

A suggestion for those who want to listen to live recordings of Kanye and an orchestra would be to buy ‘Late Orchestration‘, but that’s only for those who were born under a rock and haven’t heard it already. If you have been lived under a rock, then you can check out bits and clips on youtube or stream the “Jesus Walks” version below.