Thievery Corporation NYE in Austin, Texas

Thievery Corporation NYE in Austin, Texas

Thievery Corporation

I have to say, this year has been absolutely amazing. 2015 was great and all, we had a progressive year in politics (what? Fear the Bern!?), music (gotta love it), and manners (maybe, maybe not). I do have to say that no matter how you spent your New Years, at least you had the opportunity to live it. Some don’t get that opportunity. But not to be a a downer, let’s get on with the real reason you’re here. You’re here for the juice, you lika the juice EH!?

Like many of you, I spent most of my New Years Eve preparing for the late night festivities. Actually most of my day was spent in sweat pants playing Fall Out 4 and relaxing as I knew the night was going to get a little crazy.  My location, New Years in Austin, Texas and first time at that. The city is amazing, good vibes and the food is absolutely incredible. The food trucks, which are located in and about the surrounding area, are beyond delicious (seriously go grab a Monte Cristo from Hey!… You Gonna Eat or What?).

Austin, Texas

The music scene is a multifaceted mixture of different genres; from blues, to rock, international, to hip hop.  There’s a reason why they call Austin the “Live Music Capital of the World.”  To top it all off the people are super friendly and welcoming, always wanting to go the extra mile for one another. I have to respect the people and the culture of Austin.  You get a Texas feel to it, but not entirely as it almost seems like a bubble community.  The surrounding area feels like what America should have been, friendly people, good food, good music, and an all around appreciation for all forms of life (there are dogs everywhere!). But even more so, you have to appreciate the music.

Thievery Corporation

I had the gracious opportunity of attending Thievery Corporation at EMO’s in Austin. The venue itself was steeze, large open area, 2 bars (one inside right at the entrance, one outside at the patio area), good sound system. I just have to throw in to avoid the door guy that yells at everyone like it’s Germany, WWII (Bad comparison, ). Go with the other staff, extremely nice and happy to be there.  In all seriousness, not even TSA is as bad as that guy. But moving on to the real reason for this post, the music.

Thievery Corporation is probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been able to experience in all my life (or in my lifetime). Theivery Corporation, hailing for Washington, D.C, is composed of the two main producers/writers Rob Garza and Eric Hilton.  While they’re a two man group, the band itself brings on many different musicians and vocalists previously featured on their tracks. Some of those musicians include reggae artists See-I, Ras Puma, Sleepy Wonder, and LouLou Ghelichkhani to name a few of the supporting artists. Rob Garza, one of the Founding members, is a native to the sounds of Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz and Deep House which shows throughout the entire concert. Eric Hilton (who was not in attendance) also shared those same interests in global sounds/music, which brought the two together in early 1995.

Thievery Corporation Songs and Setlist

Are you not entertained!?  No really, if you come to a Thievery Corporation show and leave unsatisfied something is wrong with you. With every hit song that they play, they bring out the original artists and vocalists to go along with it. French, Brazilian, Underground Hip Hop? Whatever you’re looking for, this show delivers.

Some of my favorites of the night are the obvious ones, Illumination, Radio Retaliation (Above), Amerimacka, 33 Degrees, Warning Shots, and the list goes on. I recommend going through their entire set list, newer album Saudadeand have a listen as every song they make is phenomenal.  Be sure to check out Thievery Corporation’s music and grab tickets to their next show here.

Thievery Corporation
Thievery Corporation NYE 2015 Setlist