UNBLOOM talks of “Ignorance” and Music Creation

UNBLOOM talks of “Ignorance” and Music Creation


In the slew of commercialized, fame-seeking producers that tend to hinder the credibility of the electronic music industry, there are few producers out there who take their musical talents and instead cultivate their creative expression into something purely artistic.

The UNBLOOM project was initiated by the same desire to achieve this type of creative expression through music. Before taking on his current pseudonym, UNBLOOM (who intends to keep his name anonymous) began his journey around two years ago when he became inspired by his love of music creation. The commencement of the UNBLOOM project would give way to a combination of dance and electronic genres, and amount to “the sensation of taking nothing and turning it into an agent that exists in the world”.

DOPE MAG reached out to the producer to talk about his track “Ignorance” from the artist’s recently released debut EP Extended Play 1

UNBLOOM – Ignorance [Click for Free Download]

Q: It seems as if there is a sense of anonymity around your identity as UNBLOOM. If this is your intention, what is your reason behind it?

A: The UNBLOOM project began anonymously in order to: a) eliminate the need to pander to my friends to listen to my music and b) to unbiasedly test the listener with the music I was making. My identity is not necessarily as secretive now as it was before, but it still remains a low priority in the overall creation of my music. I want the listener to focus on the song, and have my identity be a supplementary device, not the reverse.

Q: What was your inspiration and/or drive behind the making of “Ignorance”?

A: “Ignorance,” sonically speaking, was my attempt to create a type of “body music”–music that hits the listener both emotionally and physically. I wanted the song to compel the manifestation of emotions into actions. Lyrically, I aimed to create a speaker that was naively optimistic in thinking his microcosm of living would never change; I created an advocate of stasis. That being said, the song itself presents a contradiction since it drastically changes during the second half. Ultimately, things change and there is nothing the speaker can do about it, despite his ignorance. Just because he doesn’t want to believe the change that is approaching, doesn’t mean it will not.

Q: What kind of feeling do you hope to convey to your fans/audience when they hear “Ignorance”?

A: Feelings are hard to evoke in any capacity, so any emotional response from the listener is a good one. I just want them to “feel,” period.

Q: What are your big plans for the future? Any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

A: I have been working on new material, but unsure as to whether that will manifest into another body of work or string of singles. I also have been working on a few other projects; perhaps those will see the light of day soon.

Q: What inspires you musically?

A: I want my music, when heard, to be cared about. I think that is all any artist can ask for. My attempt to create a connection to the listener is my focus.

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