Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Pharrell – Happy (Woodkid Sad Remix)

Your happy song that you know in love just got it’s heavy dose of sadness constructed by the one and only Woodkid.  Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid is a contemporary musician  from Paris, France who is creating a lot of buzz.  It’s not every day you get really excited about contemporary writers but this guy is going down in the history books.  Every one of his pieces are so thought about, really putting in detail to where it matters most. Not only does Woodkid produce, write, and sing he also makes and produces videos. Check some of them out below!

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813 – Crying Flute (Full Release)

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I know what you may be thinking…some artist with a name that sounds like one of those cheesy boy bands from the early start of the millennium. Then to make it even worse, they name their song “Crying Flute” giving you the impression that it is a tribute song dedicated to an Indian kid that had his/her life taken away too soon. Okay… alright, that is not even close to what you really may be thinking, but these were the first things that came to my mind when I saw this artist on Soundcloud! Alexander Goryachev, better known as 813 actually happens to be a multi-genre producer from the capital of Russia. He has recently been honored to guest mix with Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio.

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Then he decided to captivate his fans with this unique full length release. The new record revolves around the effective use of a flute blowing out peaceful middle-eastern inspired melodies, laced together by fast-paced trap high hats, and dreamy synth chords to top it off with a R&B finish. It even infuses a J. Cole sample for crying out loud! (no pun intended) And if you were wondering what “Crying Flute” sounded like with a rapper on board, well check out Naut’s mash-up of Big Sean and 813 below.

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813 has become known for this innovative formula; picking a vast range of different genres and masterfully integrating each of them in to unison with one another. We look forward to seeing what boundaries the Muscovite is willing to push further in the near future!

Purchase “Crying Flute” Here

Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices (RAC Mix)

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It would only take weeks after Porter blessed his fans with an iTunes link to his new heavenly track “Sea Voices” on his Instagram account, when Portland-based triad, RAC, created a rework that could make angels cry with joy. Despite other popular collectives such as The Antics and Spaveech releasing their respective efforts to the track, RAC was able to harness the original sound so beautifully that even Porter Robinson felt mandated enough to co-sign the rework on his Instagram. As Porter would have it: “the gorgeous RAC remix of Sea of Voices is here.”  Robinson has made successful leaps and bounds from his hit collabo “Easy”, with Matt Zo crossing over from Progressive House to Ambient Chillwave. Count your blessings fellow listeners, you just received two of them 🙂 Be sure to grab this track and Click Here to purchase it.

Written By: @_go2zel 

Pharrell Williams – Happy (GHOSTS Remix)[Free Download]

GHOSTS, a new Austrian trio, made their debut by remixing Pharrell… and his hat. Their remix of Pharrell’s “Happy” is a housey rendition of the buoyant and chanty original. Featured in the animated family film, Despicable Me 2, Pharrell’s “Happy” is a mindless frolic through the land of chipper effervescence. Even if you can’t stand its cheerful repetition, you end up tapping your feet. Admit it. Well, if you don’t, you’ll be Happy (See what I did there?) to hear that GHOSTS have managed to add some balls to the track and some testosterone to Pharrell’s voice.

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The sick bassline applies a thin layer of dark mystery over the original’s colorful wonderland. GHOSTS did not tamper with the euphoric aspect of the original, they only made it stronger, and more forceful. Many others have attempted to remix Pharrell’s “Happy” only to end up changing the entire feel of the song. Surprisingly, GHOSTS have managed to not only stay true to the original but actually improve it.

The remix of “Happy” is the first upload on GHOSTS’ SoundCloud. With only 95 followers, we’re excited to see where the trio ends up. Their debut was a promising one and we hope they’ll be able to top it in the future.

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Written By: @brainwubs

Flume – Space Cadet (ft. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut) (Official Video)

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Did I accidentally eat like three tabs without realizing it? Oh, nope, I’m just watching Flume’s new video for his single “Space Cadet” featuring Ghostface Killah and Autre Ne Vaute.

Have you ever wondered what Ghostface Killah would look like as an animated character on some alien planet deep in funkadelic space? Well, I think Flume has. The psychedelic experience that is “Space Cadet” will leave you questioning your sanity and loving it.  First, can we talk about how Autre Ne Vaute’s smooth vocals ooze out of some three-headed creature? Okay. The intro is like velvet funk as the beat gently ascends you to the highest reaches of space. Landing on a foreign planet inhabited by humanoid creatures, the three-headed one serenades you while another alien moonwalks by with an oldschool boombox on his shoulder. Word? Word.

As if that wasn’t enough, Ghostface Killah eventually erupts from the boombox and drops a sickass verse. It’s what you would expect from classic Ghostface and it doesn’t disappoint. He then gets launched off into the depths of space while the planet melts like a Salvador Dalí clock. lolwut  But there’s even better news. You can pre-order “Flume Deluxe” on 2xLP. It’s bundled with a t-shirt that has some of the funkadelic aliens on it and it’s also signed Jay Howell, the animator.

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Written By: @brainwubs