5 Songs Stuck In My Head (September)

5 Songs Stuck In My Head (September)


Walking around, and a song is playing in your head. Over time the song changes, but comes back when you least expect it. Over the past month I’ve come across an array of new music that doesn’t seem to leave my head. Here’s my list of 5 songs that will infect you with the rhythm and choruses of these catchy songs.

I’ve already covered Ishdarr’s song “Too Bad“, and quickly touched on “Remember”. What gets me singing along every time is the chorus, “I never thought I’d sing too much”. I never thought I’d sing too to this song, but I do.

Due to her recent success, including Ronda Rousey in the chorus makes this song more fun. While singing about how she got that “ko”, I picture Ronda attacking in the ring. The cover art is amazing too, which just adds to this songs appeal.

Slow and smooth, Jay Stones’ Home Alone is a great to listen to while being lazy. Jay’s great voice shines over a good beat, and with lyrics you can’t help but sing to you’re guaranteed to binge-listen to this.

A simple song, but that’s what makes it so good. It’s got a hint of soul and smooth drums that makes your head instinctively bob. Also check out his new song “Stone”.

Great voice, great music, what more can you ask for? This is what I’m currently listening to, what new songs are you listening to?