Soundcloud Pro: It’s all About the Benjamins

Soundcloud Pro: It’s all About the Benjamins

Soundcloud Pro

These are my thoughts on Soundcloud Pro, and some might disagree but it is an opinion. And I’m titled to my opinion. However, I feel inclined to speak up for the community that has long since been with the platform. I mean hell, we all remember community meet up days right? Or Nah?

If you don’t well, they didn’t last very long. I think the last one happened back in 2013 and when it didn’t catch on Soundcloud gave up. However, I guess you could technically call SXSW 2016 a Soundcloud meet up day, because that’s what it felt like.

Regardless, times have changed. Spotify, Beats1, Tidal, and now Soundcloud are all competing against the same thing…your time! Your time is money and Soundcloud doesn’t have a lot of it time or money.

Why should Dope Mag care?

And what do we have to do with it? Well, Dope Mag is my creation. It’s what I’ve been working on within the music industry for the last few years. It’s a place that is being built around a culture of people who love what we personally love, good music. Over the few months we’ve worked on our presence within this great community.

In May 2015 we set a goal to build our following on Soundcloud, a platform dedicated to their community right? 85,000+ listeners later and I feel like I have the credentials to say something.  We’ve done countless releases and have grown across all platforms for the last six months, adding around six thousand new fans a week across our media channels (and amazing fans at that.)  Hence why I want to have this discussion with the people that work/create/use the platform on an everyday basis to reach their fans.

What is Soundcloud Pro?

Soundcloud Pro is this new fancy streaming service that Soundcloud is bringing to the forefront of their business. It’s their attempt to compete with some of the biggest streaming giants in the world (Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Amazon.)

Soundcloud Pro gives the user the ability to stream their favorite music offline, without ads, and that’s where is stops. People saying the move soundcloud is good, forget to realize who has supplier/buyer power in this business. There are just too many things Soundcloud currently does to not support their community.

Where Soundcloud Fails.

Don’t get me wrong, there are multiple reasons why Soundcloud is amazing. Circa before 2015 they were  dedicated to building a relationship with the artists.

“Their mobile UX is horrible for even remotely discovering anything about the artist. It’s literally just a mash of tracks.”

“How much do artists stand to make for streams/ads that run on their page. If it’s anything like Spotify I wouldn’t expect much.”

“90% of the people on soundcloud use free downloads to build their media.”

I’ll take the social media gates and free downloads over the pennies they pay for advertising/streams. Not worth it in my book at all, because people fail to realize it is about soundcloud and not the creator. Not to mention they’re like 4 years too late, and they’re trying to charge 2$ more than Spotify? I can’t wait to see how this goes. It won’t be as bad as the Tidal flop but it’ll be up there with it.

If SoundCloud fixes these things, then maybe, just maybe they have pulled what YouTube did for the creator. Gave people a love for following the brands they really enjoy following. I mean hell Instagram just did that for the brands on their platform. To those creators out there do not look to Soundcloud to build a reputable following or loyalty. Look at it for brand building. And until then…